Our story

In today’s bifurcating technology sector, highlighted by the growing importance of team collaboration giants and the continued expansion of productivity tools, Synaps stands in a niche all of its own.

Started in 2015 by Nomad Labs as a product and brand development platform called NOMAD, it has pivoted to a stand alone multi-lingual SaaS platform with users in over 40 countries.

Over the years many terms have been used to describe Synaps, from minimalistic to basic, from zen to rational, but the reality is that the spirit of Synaps cannot be understood through any single word or concept.

Synaps is designed with precision to be functional and meet the ultimate utilitarian communication need, without frills and distracting extras. Synaps is designed to be unobtrusively beautiful, like a white box workspace where the only aesthetic agenda is that of the users.

Synaps is designed to be like the human brain with over 1000 trillion synapses, creating an infinite number of private connections to give birth and cultivate the best ideas.

Synaps is designed to facilitate collaboration and communication by all people with on-the-fly translation in over 100 languages.

What’s unique about Synaps is that it defies the traditional boundaries between collaboration apps and communication apps and sets a new global standard for communication.

Minimalistic, utilitarian and designed with precision for the ultimate zen collaboration experience.