Multi‑team. Multi‑lingual. World Ready.
Infinite teams for limitless possibilities
Global collaboration platform that speaks your language (plus over a hundred more).
SYNAPS is a collaboration tool for infinite teams and global communication.
Consolidate using any team configuration. Switch workspaces instantly.
Flexible, simple and scalable for any business in any language.
Infinite workspaces
Manage infinite interconnected spaces inside single user account.
100+ languages
Engage in real-time collaboration in over 100 languages.
Privacy controls
Handle the privacy needs in any configuration, comprised of your personal network, internal teams, partners, customers and clients.
Video calls
Participate in integrated video meetings.
Why Infinite?

Cosmic inflation allows physics to create an infinite space inside a finite area. With quantum entanglement’s nonlocal interaction of objects, an amazing omnipresence phenomenon makes this infinite space physically manageable.

Welcome to quantum collaboration, the concept behind SYNAPS.

SYNAPS provides an infinite work universe, small enough for individuals and big enough for the most complex organizations.

Some Key Facts about SYNAPS
Trusted by some of the world’s most trusted businesses
Use cases
Work with teams
Transform teamwork into results and revenue faster
Whether you have 1 or 1000 team projects, connect them seamlessly on SYNAPS and multitask like a pro.
Collaborate with external partners
Eat email hot potatoes for breakfast
Quit wasting time throwing hot potato emails back and forth. Bring external partners and internal members together in workspaces to solve problems, execute and bring your plans to life faster and more efficiently.
Sell to customers
Make sticky connections & turn leads into valuable customers
Transform your leads into valuable customers and then use workspaces to provide faster responses, resolution and close more win-win sales to create and maintain satisfied customers.
Quantum Collaboration for infinite teams